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3 Biggest Concerns About Aging Skin

Jan Marinin Juveneck Neck Cream

Are you concerned about aging skin? Everyone has skin, and we all want it to look healthy and vibrant. However, age, exposure to the sun, pollution and other environmental factors contribute to skin damage. Our skin is a vibrant organ that not only protects us, but keeps us looking young.

When we don’t take care of our skin properly we leave the door open to many types of skin damage. This damage can lead to all types of other health problems and can lead to skin cancer. So to protect your skin here are a couple of easy-to-use products and solutions to help prevent and or slow down the aging process and specifically cover the 3 biggest areas of concern when it comes to aging skin.

 3 Biggest Concerns About Aging Skin

The best prevention to reduce the stress and changes in your skin from discoloration and wrinkles is to simply use a sunscreen every day (here are some sunscreen tips). When you are choosing a sunscreen for every day care, you must make sure that it has an adequate t level of SPF, and it protects from both UVA and UVB rays. Look for SPF 15 or higher for everyday use. For days when you plan to spend more time outside use an SPF 30 or higher… and remember to reapply every two hours for the best protection.

Any exposed skin will begin to start showing signs of aging and discoloration if it is not protected. Therefore, it is necessary to use sunscreen on every exposed area of the skin to maintain a youthful glow and prevent skin damage from the sun.

There are other concerns about specific areas when it comes to your skin. Below are 3 specific areas of concern when it comes to aging skin.

#1 Eyes
Dark circles, puffiness, fine lines, and wrinkles are the most common problems around the eye area. There are multiple causes of these problems, including lack of sleep.  Reduce the visibility of dark circles and wrinkles while protecting and hydrating your eyes with Jan Marini’s Age Intervention Dark Circle Eye Defense. The delicate eye area shows stress and fatigue faster than any other area. Toxins that collect under the eyes can sometimes cause dark circles and puffiness. Age Intervention Dark Circle Defense will help detoxify the eye area and reduce dark circles and puffiness. It will also gently refine the lines and wrinkles giving your eye a more youthful appearance.

Jan Marinin Juveneck Neck Cream #2 Neck
The neck is traditionally ignored in regards to skin care. However, through the advances in technology, there are noninvasive products available for those who have aging skin in the neck area, fine lines, wrinkles, and the dreaded “turkey neck.” Jan Marini’s Juveneck is specially formulated to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and increase the overall firmness of the skin. This is a NEW product by Jan Marini has received exceptional reviews. People who have tried it say that they are very satisfied with the results after only a few months of use. Skin appears more smooth, firm, and youthful.


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The Neck is Traditionally Ignored in Regards to Skin Care
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Jan Marini Juveneck neck cream testimonial anti aging

#3 Hands
Your hands are one of your body’s hardest working extremities. With constant exposure to the sun from driving, yard work, the environment, chemicals, detergents, and germs, the skin on your hands is easily altered in texture and appearance. To repair current damage and prevent future aging to your hands Jan Marini also has Bioglycolic Hand & Body Lotion. This glycolic based  treatment delivers just the right amount of exfoliation and hydration that your skin needs. Daily use for  hand or body yields a more smooth even tone that will make you want to show a little more skin.

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