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3 Common Questions About Skincare

When it comes to basic skincare, people who are interested in improving their skin tend to have 3 main questions. In this post I am going to address these frequently asked questions that most people ask. The 3 main questions I generally receive are as follows.

3 Common Questions About Skincare


Question #1
How often do I need a facial?

It all depends on your skin care needs and skin type. The basic recommendation is usually once a month. This varies  depending on your needs. If you have oily or acneic skin you may have to come in every 2 to 3 weeks. This is also dependent on your home skincare regime.

So it does vary dependent on your skin type, home care regime, and your skin care goals. But on average people who generally receive facials typically do so once a month.

Question #2
What type of facial should I get?

People get a little caught up in the name of the facial or what  the current facial trend is at the time. Obviously there are some great facial treatments like collagen, skin peels, and others that are specific to certain skin concerns. But usually every facial is customized (or should be) for your skin type. At CHIC Skincare Studio we will always give you a custom facial… no matter what you choose on the menu, your facial is still going to be customized specifically for you.

If you decide you would like a pumpkin mask or a retinol mask… that’s fine if helps to address your skincare goals. Your aesthetician should always guide you toward what would work best for your skin.

Question #3
What type of skincare products should I be using at home?

This is a great question I get from a lot of clients who are serious about taking care of their skin. Of course a skincare consultation is always needed to decide what products are best for you.

I can say for sure that you will need to use basic skincare products such as a cleanser, exfoliant, moisturizer, and sunscreen.

While the moisturizer and sunscreen can be found in a single product, I do recommend that you use a separate sunscreen so that you can reapply it during the day. This will also give you better protection from the sun.

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