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3 Masks to Help with Your Home Skincare Regime

In this blog post I’m going to share 3 masks to help with your home skincare regime that only take 10 minutes.

With the holidays quickly approaching, I know you’re rushing around like I am, so I am here to give you some ways on how to save time and still look beautiful by adding a couple of things to your homecare regime that won’t take much time at all.

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When it comes to your skincare regime at home, many times people say, “this takes too much time.” I get it. I don’t like to do things that take a lot of time either. Here’s a couple of things that will help you to look more radiant using a mask that only takes 10 minutes.

One of the great things about a mask is it can give you high impact results without a lot of effort. Just cleanse your face, apply the mask, leave it on for 10 minutes, wash it off, and go on with the rest of your regime. You get really good results depending on the type of mask you use.

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The Jan Marini Skinzyme Mask

This mask is one of the accelerator products in the Jan Marini line. The skinzyme mask is wonderful for all skin types. Even for acne and rosacea. This mask has green papaya enzymes that help to exfoliate the skin gently by eating away the dead skin build up. Leaving your skin glowing, radiant, and actually help to reduce redness. I love this mask and I regularly use it the studio for skin treatments. The great news is… this is something you can do at home that only takes 10 minutes.

The Retinol Plus Mask

The Retinol + mask helps to exfoliate your skin gently, it does contain retinol, and is wonderful for refining fine lines and wrinkles. This mask also helps to even out the skin tone and stimulates elastin and collagen giving you a much more youthful radiant glow. This too only takes 10 minutes and is really easy to do at home.

The Marini Luminate Face Mask

This is the newest mask in the Jan Marini line. This mask is amazing for hyper pigmentation (dark spots or red spots) and any other spots you would like to fade or even out the skin tone… this mask does the trick. This mask continues to work even after the first application. Used once a week, for 10 minutes and you’re done! It’s easy, convenient, and a great way to boost your skincare at home.

Jan Marinin Masks

Now that you know what you can do at home… here’s what we can do in the studio to boost your skincare needs and help you get ready for whatever event you may have for the holiday season.

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