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3 Sunscreen Tips for the Summer

3 Sunscreen tips for CHIC Skincare Studio clients
Here are 3 sunscreen tips to help with the confusion my clients have about sunscreen and skincare. They also make statements that aren’t always correct when it comes to this topic. So to clear this up I’ve decided to make this quick post about sunscreen tips. Here is 1 thing I always hear; “I thought I was suppose to apply my sunscreen first.” This and other topics will be addressed below in the video.



3 Sunscreen Tips to Eliminate Confusion


Question #1 is “When should you apply your sunscreen?” Should you apply sunscreen before or after your moisturizer? And how do I go about applying it in my routine? Most people think that for some reason, the sunscreen is gonna work better when it is covered up, and that is not true. You always wanna apply your sunscreen after your moisturizer, and before your makeup. When it comes to your moisturizers, eye cream, or any other products that you are putting on your skin. Sunscreen is applied last, but before your makeup.


Sunscreen Tip #1 Apply Sunscreen After All Other Moisturizer


Question #2 has to do with time of day and when you should apply your sunscreen.  Most people say to me, “Angela, I don’t use sunscreen everyday, because I’m not outside everyday.” Well, it has really nothing to do with being outside, especially if you are trying to get the maximum results from any type of skin care treatment that you are doing. You want to apply your sunscreen everyday.

Sunscreen Tip #2 Apply Sunscreen Twice a Day for Protection


It doesn’t matter if you are in the house, in the bedroom, sitting by the T.V. , or at the computer. Refractory rays penetrate your home and  office. If it is daylight out or the sun is in the sky, you should apply your sunscreen. Personally I wear my sunscreen everyday. I wear my sunscreen and I re-apply it throughout the day as well. If you are going to the pool, the park with your kids, out for a hike, or bike then of course you need to apply more often. But you always need at least one application in the morning and one in the afternoon. Especially if you are outside doing any activities.


The third question that I hear a lot especially about sunscreen in these hot summer months has to do with SPF 15. “Is SPF 15 enough if I have it in my makeup?” Well, SPF 15 is something, but honestly not a whole lot. And with the sun that we get here in Arizona you really want to have at least an SPF 30. You want to use SPF first then apply your makeup that has an  SPF in it is just going to give you more protection. In Arizona we need as much protection as we can get because these rays never give up. For maximum protection, and the best anti-aging results, please use at least and SPF 30 for daily use. When you’re outside, use at least an SPF 45 that is water resistant for use in the pool or when you’re out hiking, biking, and walking.


Sunscreen Tip #3 Use at Least an SPF 30 Even if Your Makeup has SPF


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