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6 Reasons for a Mini Facial?

6 Reasons for a Mini Facial

Why have a Mini Facial? In this post Angela from CHIC Skincare Studio in Scottsdale describes a mini facial experience and the 6 reasons for a mini facial.

Benefits of Mini Facials by CHIC Skincare Studio in Scottsdale Arizona


Why a Mini Facial?

1. It’s a great way to take a break from your fast paced life..Slow Down!
2. A professional exfoliation and treatment mask help boost the results of your home care regime.
3. Mini facials are cost effective.

A mini facial mainly consists of: Cleansing, exfoliation, and a treatment mask.

These three important steps can give your skin a quick pick me up. The exfoliation removes the dead surface cells that cause a dull appearance. Once the new fresh skin is revealed the treatment mask is applied to brighten, tighten; rebalance and refresh.

This is your time to close your eyes and enjoy!
Once your mask is removed the skin is now ready to accept the corrective treatment and moisturizer for your skin type and condition.

A mini facial is always a great way to take a minute for yourself and take care of you!

The CHIC Refresher (Mini Facial)

All facials begin with skin analysis; noting your concerns to achieve your desired results.
The mini facial begins with a thorough cleansing and exfoliation under steam. This prepares your skin for extractions if needed.

Customized treatment serums or creams are used to treat specific skin conditions and the treatment mask is applied. The Treatment mask helps to bring the skin back into balance and treat any specific concerns i.e. acne, dry skin, etc.
Warm towels are used to remove the mask..finishing moisturizer and sun protection are applied.

Here are the 6 Best Reasons Why You Should Have a Mini Facial Are:
1. Relaxation…have some you time!
2. Professional treatments can help boost home care regime
3. Cost effective
4. Gives your dull skin a quick pick me up
5. Keeps breakouts under control
6. Revives dry/dehydrated skin

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