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About CHIC

About CHIC Skincare Studio

CHIC Skincare Studio provides a comfortable atmosphere for pampering, facial treatments, and body waxing in a private studio where clients receive the one-on-one attention they want and deserve.
Do you like to feel beautiful confident and sexy? Angela Williams, with over 15 years of experience as a licensed aesthetician, has been helping women accomplish that very thing. Angela specializes in full body and facial waxing services, as well as corrective skincare treatments for all kinds of skin types and skin conditions. As a trained aesthetics educator, Angela uses this knowledge to help clients understand what they can do together to achieve the results they want. She takes a gentle approach to reaching maximum results for her clients.

Angela initially became an aesthetician because she absolutely loved one of her first facial experiences. She describes it as an informative, educational, and gentle experience. She walked away thankful for the helpful guidance that made her want to know more and share this information with others.

She went to enroll in Dudley Beauty College in Chicago, Illinois the very next week. This experience helped her to figure out her passion and purpose in life.

Informative, Educational, & Gentle

CHIC Skincare Studio Started April 2009 when Angela herself realized she really enjoys the small intimate settings of salon studios compared to other types of salons. She always felt that her clients are more like her friends and family rather than customers. That’s what she says you will feel when you visit CHIC.

When she is not working Angela can be found traveling not just around the country visiting friends and family, but also hanging out in cafes from Nassau, Bahamas to Portofino, Italy (this picture was taken in beautiful Sicily).


About Angela



Angela’s guilty pleasure is eating any type of chocolate cake and watching Suits, Royal Pains, and Necessary Roughness. You will be surprised to know that Angela, while watching TV also thoroughly enjoys knitting till her hands hurt.

After you make an appointement feel free to ask Angela about one of her creations. She’ll be happy to share.

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