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Chemical Peels – What’s the Difference?

What is the difference between chemical peels you may receive in a salon/spa vs a plastic surgeon or dermatologist?  CHIC Skincare Studio recently shared information about chemical peels in a previous post in January, and had a lot of questions about this very thing.  People wondered what would be the difference and what would be the results of side effects that they would receive from getting a chemical peel.


What’s the Difference Between Chemical Peels at the Salon vs Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon’s Office?

What’s the Difference Between Chemical Peels?

The great thing about the chemical peel used at CHIC Skincare Studio in Scottsdale is that it’s a glycolic acid chemical peel. It’s NOT a one time peel that goes down into deep layers of your skin and takes off multiple layers of your skin, peeling into the dermal layer.  It’s more of an epidermal peel that brightens your skin and takes away dullness.  It does stimulate elastin and collagen to firm the deeper dermal tissue…. but it’s a very gentle exfoliation.

Glycolic Epidermal Chemical Peel Brightens Your Skin

This type of chemical peel is much gentler way to resurface the skin without severe redness, excessive peeling, or any downtime.  Many times people have heard about chemical peels that you might receive at the dermatologist or a plastic surgeons office, which are more of a medical grade chemical peel. Those peels sometimes do give a little bit more down time, some redness, and irritation to the skin. If you have any questions about chemical peels it is always safe and highly recommended to consult your physician first. You always want to check with a doctor when using products or services that you are unsure about or that you may have more questions which will help you to make an educated decision.

Chemical Peels Smooth Away Fine Lines & Wrinkles

That’s why we recommend chemical peels in a series over a month or so that would help to gently work its way in and help to smooth away the fine lines and wrinkles. In addition to smoothing the wrinkles,  it would also help lighten hyperpigmentation/dark spots that you might have developed from past sun damage. Chemical peels brighten and firm your skin.  Some people do prefer the deeper peels, and I always recommend that they go see their doctor, dermatologist, or their plastic surgeon for the deeper dermal peels.

The CHIC Skincare Deal of the Month

CHIC Skincare Studio likes to promote a gentler chemical peel that is not as invasive to the dermal layer of the skin. The gentler chemical peels allow you to go out for that special event looking fabulous just after leaving your appointment.
Now that you know a little bit more about chemical peels CHIC Skincare Studio is running a chemical peel series special for the month of April 2014. Buy 3 and get 1 FREE! There are 4 chemical peels that are 1 hour each. Clients would be receiving a chemical peel as well as a finishing mask, and of course finishing product before leaving the studio.

Want a chemical peel that will leave your face looking refreshed, glowing, and revitalized? Call CHIC Skincare Studio of Scottsdale to make an appointment for your glycolic chemical peel today at 602-663-2370.

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