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Customer Appreciation Month Specials

February 2015 is Customer Appreciation Month at CHIC Skincare Studio because we LOVE our CLIENTS! It’s a New Year and a New you and I bet you’re excited to know what’s going on at CHIC Skincare Studio in Scottsdale, AZ. I’ve missed you for the last month and I have been busy getting together some great specials for February because February is customer appreciation month.

For the month of February 2015, customer appreciation month, we’re going to be doing a different special every single week (4 different specials).


Week 1 – Home Fragrance Sale

We stock the line Botanical candle line Rosy Rings. If you enjoy candles and diffusers this is great way to bring the spa feeling home. We will offer 15% OFF any home fragrance purchase. There is no limit to how much you order or purchase. Be aware… it’s first come first serve. If you know what you like, or know what scent you want, call me or text me as soon as you see this video so you can get your order in. Supplies are limited.

Home Fragrance Sale ends Feb 7th.


Week 2 – FREE Eyebrow Wax with Purchase of Gift Certificate

Customer appreciation month week 2 is a wonderful Gift Certificate special that really is great for Valentine’s Day. If you are ready to get out there and get a gift and don’t know what to get, you can purchase a CHIC Custom Facial gift certificate for the person you love or for yourself and receive a FREE eyebrow wax!!!

You can receive the eyebrow wax for yourself or a friend. It doesn’t matter. And you can do it at anytime… at the time of purchase or as a gift certificate. The choice is yours.

FREE Eyebrow Wax (a $20 value) with the purchase of a CHIC Custom Facial Gift Certificate


Week 3 – 20% OFF Chemical Peels

The Special for week 3 is perfect for all of you who have wanted to get in for a chemical peel or are currently doing chemical peels with me now.  You will receive 20% OFF ANY CHEMICAL PEELING SERVICE. That’s glycolic, lactic, salicylic, or any chemical peel I offer at CHIC Skincare Studio, you can get 20% OFF in week 3 of February. Of course you have to make your appointment and it’s first come first serve.

Please call of Text to Get Your Appointments in ASAP for Week 3
in February for Your Chemical Peel


Week 4 – 15% OFF ANY SERVICE of $30 or More

To commemorate 2015  with a 15% OFF ANY service of $30 or more. Now is your chance to get in and get ANY service you’ve wanted a special on in the past. It’s your  choice. Offer valid only on services booked during the week of Feb 23rd-28th.



NOW IS YOUR CHANCE TO CHOOSE YOUR OWN SPECIAL OF THE MONTH for 15% OFF as long as you spend $30 or more.



Make your appointment again because it’s FIRST COME FIRST SERVE, because it’s getting booked up quick. See you soon. Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page, subscribe, and don’t forget to let me know what you think of this months specials.

Customer Special of the Month – Choose Your Own

Happy Valentine’s Day and yes, please take the time to share these Customer Appreciation Month Specials with your family and friends.


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