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Spring Time is the Best Time for a Chemical Peel Special

We can usually thank the dry air and cold temperatures for our dry skin, and with a new season springing up, it’s time to exfoliate that dry skin and use this season to better prepare us for the hot summer months which are right around the corner.

Now that it is Spring time here in Phoenix, AZ; I’m looking forward to seeing you at CHIC Skincare Studio soon. This past Winter we did have some rain and cold temperatures… so I know you probably have some skin that you need to have exfoliated.

Spring time is the best time of year to peel, polish, and protect your skin. A really great way to accomplish this is with a chemical peel series. The chemical peel series is something I usually talk about this time of year…right before the Real Heat comes!


Have a Chemical Peel Before the Summer So You’re Skin Can Look Great

Have a skin peel before the Summer months hit, so you’re skin can look great all summer long… and not have dull dry skin.

A skin/chemical peel is usually performed with a chemical made from a fruit acid ( i.e. glycolic,lactic, malic,salicylic acid) and is applied to the skin in a series of steps that gently lifts away dead skin build up. Peeling helps to stimulate and strengthen your elastin and collagen fibers to make your skin firm and also helps to diminish fine lines & wrinkles, as well as helping to diminish dark spots and redness in the skin.

The process of the chemical peel is taking away dead skin buildup over time while helping your skin regenerate new skin cells. For more information you can always call CHIC Skincare Studio for a consultation.

Chemical Peel Special at CHIC Skincare Studio


For the month of March 2016 the Special of the Month to peel, polish, and protect your skin is the *Marini Peel series at 25% off. ¬†Normally it’s $480 for the 3 peels.

With a discount of $120 it would bring this price to $360 for the 3 peels.
You can receive 1 peel a month and be ready for the Summer with fresh and protected skin.


*The Marini peel is offered in the Refine or Clarify version. Both will improve your skin’s appearance as previously stated; however the Clarify peel is formulated to target stubborn acne and hyperpigmentation (dark spots) especially for people with olive or darker skin tones.

Both peels work especially well when done in a series.

To book your chemical peel series special or if you have questions, call CHIC Skincare Studio at 602-663-2370. If you would like more tips on how to keep your skin looking radiant all year round… visit chicskincareaz.com.

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