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What is a Chemical Peel?

Spring time is the perfect time for a chemical peel…so you may be wondering, what is a chemical peel/skin peel?

Right now in AZ the temperature has been getting warm and the temperatures have been going up. You want to get rid of all that dead skin from the winter and exfoliate your skin. Spring time is the PERFECT time for a chemical peel.

What is a Chemical Peel?


For those of you who are probably wondering what is a chemical peel or a skin peel, and what is it going to do for me? While a chemical peel is just that… we’re using a chemical and it can be made from sugar cane, citric acid, or various other acids. This process, of course takes place in a controlled environment where the chemical peel is used to exfoliate the the top layer of the skin.

Glycolic peels can also be used to smooth and refine the skin on your hands and body. Many of us can benefit from a glycolic peel for a deeper exfoliation to get our skin ready for summer. These chemical peels also work to enhance other treatments such as facials and body bronzing. The result of a more refined texture will also give you a smoother pallette to help ease your make-up applications.

How Do Chemical Peels Help You?

Chemical Peels Will Help You to Wear Strapless and Backless Fashions All Summer Long

If you want to have smoother more even tone skin on your hands, arms, back, etc. this is the treatment to help you look your best on your vacation, on the beach, by the pool, or at that next wedding you’re attending.

Remember to avoid extreme sun exposure, tanning or shaving before a glycolic body peel. For better results a series of body peels may be recommended.

There are Many Types of Chemical Peels

We use different chemical peel formulations to exfoliate a little deeper than would happen with a traditional facial. We offer a Glycolic peel and Lactic, Salicylic, & Citric blended peels. The results are a more vibrant and youthful looking skin.

If you have some sun damage and you are trying to even out your skin tone or you want to refine the fine lines and wrinkles, and tighten up your pores…. then a chemical peel is a great way to go and it’s a really great treatment right before the summer before it gets really hot outside.

The image below is just a picture of what results from a skin peel looks like after 3 days using the JanMarini Skin Peel System.

What is a skin peel? JanMarini Skin Peel Results

The CHIC Skincare Studio special of the Month for April 2015 is the chemical peel series package at 20% OFF. The chemical peel pricing is dependent on the chemical peel series you choose. Make sure to check out http://chicckinareaz.com/pricing to see exaclty what we offer.

Now that we’ve answered what a chemical peel is, you can come in for a FREE consultation by booking an appointment so you can know exactly what to expect.

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